While Sindhudurg District endowed with natural beauty to the brim was developing Mr. Prakash Rajaram Jaitapkar established Jaitapkar Builders and Developers in 1995. This was a period when people were interested in buying Non agricultural plots of land for their residences. Going ahead with honesty and an aim to bring the dream of his customers for a home in to practice Mr. Jaitapkar soon was recognized as a true friend in the field of N. A. Plots Real Estate sector. This is evident from habitats developed by him such as Jaitapkar Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Dattaraj Nagar, Ravalnath Nagar, Datt Nagar, Sulochana Nagar, Ganesh Nagar and others which have been highly appreciated.

After FIVE years of toiling and efforts in understanding the scenario, Mr. Jaitapkar launched himself in the field of Construction and brought out his first project in the year 2000.

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Mr. Dattaram Phope
Flat No - A-8 Siddhivinayak Park

The whole team of “Jaitapkar builders and Developers” is simply great in all respect. Their human relation, generosity, timely deliver, keeping the promises and Promptness are really excellent. It is pertinent to mention that the great positive attitude of the entire staff towards their customers is at the highest level of Satisfaction. I would say that I had 100% satisfied dealing with this developers as comparing with my past experiences in this field wish all the best, success And great developments to "Jaitapkar builders and Developers " on behalf of me and my family.

Mr. Ashok Pawar
Flat No - 08 Jeevan Prakash Complex

"Jaitapkar Builders and Developers” company is driven by reliable hands of Mr.PrakashJaitapkar; the trust they develop right from day one when you meet them and their employees is really appreciable. I can say only one thing, 'you can trust with your investments."

Ms. Suvarna Rane
Shop No - 11 Siddhivinayak Park

Firstly I must congratulate the project team of SiddhivinayakPark, they have been professional and very cooperative. The team is very decent & honest. From the time I've booked the flat till now they have guided and helped me every step of the way for which me and family are very thankful. Secondly, the project looks great and they are making every effort to give us what they have promised or perhaps even more as they say.

Mr. Pradip Patil
Flat No - 24 Jeevandeep Complex

I came to know about”Jaitapkar Builders and Developers” on the net while searching for property in Sindhudurg. I was very impressed by the kind of service they gave me from viewing of proposal through to actually paying up full value & registering the property in in my name."Jaitapkar Builders and Developersis a team of professionals from top to bottom. “Every single person contributes his bit to make dealing with Jaitapkar Builders and Developersa pleasant experience.

Mr. Prakash Waradkar
Shop No - 36 Siddhivinayak Park

We found ”Jaitapkar Builders and Developers”to be an excellent company to deal with, through out the whole process of building .We wish to express our happiness with our new home in Siddhivinayak Park from Jaitapkar Builders and Developers. A special mention must be maid about the companies’ director and staffs, who has been absolutely wonderful to deal with.

Ongoing Projects

  • Shubham Shanti

  • Siddhidata Park

  • Siddhivinayak Park

  • Royal Plaza

  • Jaitapkar Wadi